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Good old Dutch winter warmer: potato mash with sauerkraut

This was my favourite dinner as a child and I still love it! It’s my comfort food, but healthy! Sauerkraut is alive with probiotics (the good bacteria that support our gut health), but only if you buy the refrigerated sauerkraut from the supermarket or health food store, or make your own. If you buy organic potatoes, you can leave the skin on, and get more fibre and B vitamins. The traditional Dutch dish comes with a special sausage, I love a vege-dog with it. Nice cold too, in your lunch box the next day. This has the added bonus, that potatoes, cooled overnight in the fridge, become a resistent starch, and a prebiotic, which is food for the probiotics.


1 kilo potatoes

500 gr sauerkraut

bit of butter or nuttelex

bit of your preferred milk


Wash, chop, and boil the potatoes. Mash the potatoes with a bit of butter/nuttelex and a bit of milk. Mix the sauerkraut into the mash. (Don’t heat the sauerkraut, as you will loose all the probiotics!)

Serve with a veggie sausage.

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