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"A healthy outside starts on the inside"

Bayside Colonics is a beautiful, holistic colon hydrotherapy clinic located in the Brisbane Bayside suburb of Wynnum. We provide professional, informative and safe colonic irrigation treatments to clients of all ages, shapes and sizes, with a strong focus on gut health, lifestyle and detox solutions.


Owner and lead therapist, Kyah Seary, is one of Brisbane’s most experienced colon hydrotherapists, starting her personal journey with colonics back in 2006 at the age of 16 in Seattle, Washington.


After colonics transformed her life by eliminating the built up waste and toxicity her own body couldn’t, Kyah realised her passion in natural health and healing, becoming a trained Colon Hydrotherapist in 2013.


Since then she has since given over 8,000 colonics and achieved the Advanced Gold Certificate in Holistic Colon Hydrotherapy Award making her one of Australia's most qualified holistic therapists.


In addition to treating others, Kyah understands the importance of self care and has personally had well over 2,000 herself, practicing the importance of detoxing regularly. This is a true testament to the safety and effectiveness of colon therapy and her personal experience in the field of colonics and detoxing.

Kyah has had both open and closed system colonics in over 10 countries worldwide, and for her own practice has picked the machine she believes stands above the rest: the Aquanet EC 2000. A closed system device from Canada with the highest standard of safety and comfort for our clients.

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"I started Bayside Colonics so I could help others who were just like me. People who were  struggling to find solutions to their ongoing health battles, people who suffering, but were told there was nothing more they could do. I wanted to help the people like me that western medicine had failed, but weren't ready to give up hope.


My passion is inspiring people to live a healthy, happy lifestyle and giving them the tools, support and information to succeed. Colon Hydrotherapy is such a powerful therapy, it transformed my life and I passionately believe it can benefit everyone."

Kyah Seary, Owner of Bayside Colonics

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A safe space where people are free to detox physically, emotionally and spiritually

At Bayside Colonics, we are here to help. Wherever you are in your own personal health journey, colonics can help to restore balance and vitality by ridding the body of harmful toxins and waste build up. Colonics support the body to release physically and emotionally for a stronger feeling of vitality and will help you achieve your health goals on your journey back to optimal health.


Our modern clinic is located at 61 Tingal Road in Wynnum, QLD on the Bayside of Brisbane. The clinic is disability friendly and has onsite car parking.


We are passionate about our impact on the environment and use eco friendly practices, non chemical cleansing products and offer a range of organic products and supplements for our clients to purchase. We are also conscious of our EMF exposure and the clinic is equiped with Blue Shield EMF devices for your safety.


Bayside Colonics is child friendly, treating children age 4 and above. If you have any questions about our processes or the treatments we offer, please contact our friendly and professional team today to find out more!

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Meet our Clinic Manager Katarina

Bayside Colonics is managed by one of our lead therapists Kataraina who is a wealth of knowledge in the colonic and gut healing space. She oversees all bookings and management of the clinic. She is your person of contact for all management inquiries!


Katarina is beloved by our clients and is always a smiling face and shoulder to lean on. Making our clinic a safe space for all and ensuring our clients are happy, supported and receive everything they need to thrive on their colonic journey with us.

Please direct any management related inquiries to Kat at




All Gold Standard Certified Holistic Colon Hydrotherapists, our knowledgable and friendly team of Therapists at Bayside Colonics will walk you through every step of the process and ensure you feel comfortable, safe and supported at all times. We love what we do so let us help you improve your gut health and reach your health and wellness goals!



Colon Hydrotherapist

Phoenicia has always lived and breathed a natural lifestyle. She is our gut health guru and is constantly researching all areas of gut health and nutrition.  As a former yoga teacher, Phoenicia loves to help and inspire clients to regain their health, vitality and strength back through detoxing and simple nutritional changes. Born in Holland, she has a background in aged care, loves helping people and has two grown children. 


After navigating her way through a difficult menopause, she found herself at Bayside Colonics as a client and never looked back. She was immediately hooked and found colonics to be key in minimising her symptoms and optimising her health. She then became passionate about educating people on gut health as it absolutely essential for overall wellbeing. She combines all of her passions and experience in one as a Holistic Colon Hydrotherapist. Phoenicia is currently studying to become a ‘Certified Body Talk Practitioner’, which adds another dimension to her sessions. She uses light tapping techniques to balance and relax the brain and restore communication throughout the body, helping the body to heal itself’.



Colon Hydrotherapist

Olivia's introduction to Colonics and holistic health came to light when she realised that her gut issues and hormonal conditions were being simply masked with medications, such as the hormonal contraceptive pill - as a quick fix. She was eager to get to the root cause of her hormonal acne and found the answer without taking a product or medication daily. Upon commencing her journey into natural health and Colon Hydrotherapy, she quickly realised just how overburdened her liver had become. Her colonics were not pretty, nor enjoyable; but this in itself was enough to make her realise just how badly she needed to continue.


She began Coffee Enemas after going off the Pill, and her skin cleared up straight away. Colonics, Enemas, Saunas and immense hydration lead her to my current state of blissful health. She believes that everyone can find the answer to their health concerns by cleansing from within, sweating it out, replacing the bad bacteria with the good, laughter and vitamin D. Her passion in this industry is around supporting women finding their optimal hormonal equilibrium, whether that be having their period return regularly, clearing their skin, reducing headaches, preparing the body to conceive a baby, supporting women postpartum, reducing menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms; and overall feeling the best you possibly can every single day. 



Colon Hydrotherapist & Clinic Manager

Katarina started her holistic journey when she was diagnosed with serve anemia. The iron supplements she was prescribed made her extremely constipated and unwell. She began to see a holistic nutritionist who put her on a whole foods diet and eventually helped her come off the B12 injections and iron. It wasn't until she was diagnosed with anxiety and depression that she started looking into Colon Hydrotherapy. Since she knew she already had a great diet, she started doing more research and came across the vagus nerve and the gut/brain connection. Her journey at Bayside Colonics started in 2019, where she continued to improve and learn more about gut health.


Katarina's own journey with mental health and gut health has made her passionate in helping others. She understands that it can be a long road to recovery, but truely believes that colonics are an amazing way to start. Getting healthy from the inside out. Her goal is to always make you feel safe and heard.

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Colon Hydrotherapist

Rhian has always had an interest in holistic health and was bought up utilizing holistic approaches to her health and wellness. She started to suffer from frequent constipation after many years of restrictive eating whilst preparing for body building shows and living a lifestyle that solely focused on calories. This then lead to her developing Binge Eating Disorder which put a lot of strain and stress on her mind and gut. After a year of working towards recovery from her disordered eating, she was able to create balance in her diet and lifestyle, however was still left with the result of years of mistreating her body and gut, thus turning to colonics as a way of relief from symptoms such as constipation and fatigue. 

Rhi’s passion is helping young women that are struggling with body image and creating a safe space for them to feel accepted, understood and empowered. 



Colon Hydrotherapist

Bec is extremely passionate about holistic eating, healthy living and fitness. She had many gut issues and severe constipation ever since she was a child, prescribed laxatives and poor nutrition advice. This led her down a path of poor health and a landed her a lazy bowel. Bec had tried many types of laxatives, diets and seen many doctors but nothing was helping. It wasn’t until she was ready to have her own kids that she discovered a natural and holistic way to heal her gut and started having colonics.


Bec is a big believer in supporting the whole body with nourishing whole foods and regular detoxification for the body to thrive! She is a mum to two beautiful girls and loves all things children’s gut health too  Bec is kindhearted and loves supporting people to better their gut health and learn that they can feel ten times better than they think.



Colon Hydrotherapist

Rachel's journey with Gut Health started at the age of 17 when she noticed that she was always feeling bloated after eating gluten and alcohol. She decided to book in with a doctor who prescribed her Sultana Bran for breakfast as it was high in fibre. After feeling defeated and misunderstood, Rachel took it into her own hands to work out what was going on within her body. She started with slow changes like reducing gluten and alcohol and trying new ways of eating. After years of experimenting with different diets she finally worked out what was best for her body and it wasn't the traditional western diet that we have been told is ok. Over a decade of learning about food and wellbeing, Rachel has turned her passion for all things health and fitness into a lifestyle that she embodies everyday. She believes that all things are connected, mind, body and spirit and is passionate about making people glow from the inside out! Rachel loves colonics as a way of detoxing the body and feels like it has been the piece that has been needed to bring all of her health modalities together.



Colon Hydrotherapist

Kyah started her journey with colonics, detoxification and gut health in her home town of Seattle at the age of 16. After being diagnosed with "colonic inertia" the western medical world had nothing to offer. The gastroenterologist wanted to remove 90% of her colon at the age of 16 and give her a colorectomy bag for the rest of her life.  She declined and desperately searched for another way.

It was then that her lifelong relationship with alternative natural medicine

and healing began. After changing her diet, along with regular weekly colonics and daily enemas, Kyah found her vitality return stronger than ever and fell in love with teaching and educating others who are struggling with the same. She has a business degree from the University of Queensland, two young children and finds her inspiration and drive watching her clients thrive. Kyah is also the creator and founder of the Happy Bum Co and supports people all over the world.

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