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Real life case studies on how colonics have improved the health and well-being of our clients

Testimonials: Testimonials

What Our Clients Say




"Over the years I have suffered from horrible anxiety and gut health issues, but after my regular colon hydrotherapy sessions my mind is getting clearer and clearer! After my latest session I felt absolutely amazing and woke woke up just beaming today! Thank you so much! Kyah and her team are absolutely amazing, what a great experience having a colonic is. They make you feel right at ease and share their amazing knowledge of gut health. Definitely will be continuing to come regularly!




Finding Bayside Colonics gave me so much knowledge after being diagnosed with IBS. At first I was cautious about having a colonic and worried it would hurt but it's so painless and the team is so welcoming and passionate about what they do!I am now confident in doing my own anti-inflammatory enemas and implants at home. I can now manage my symptoms naturally and have never felt so in tune with my body. Colonics leave me feeling refreshed, less foggy and give you such a cleanse I honestly cannot fault it!




After many years of feeling sluggish, fatigued and just not feeling 100%. I found out at the age of 24 that I had a brain tumor. I had always thought that I was quite a healthy and active person, but never did I think at such a young age I would be diagnosed with a brain tumor. Despite the long hard road to recovery, I was more determined than ever to improve my overall health and lifestyle.


One decision that I made was to take a more natural approach and not rely on medications such as the Contraceptive pill. After about 6 months of being off the pill, my skin had improved but it still was not great no matter what health supplements or treatments I tried. At that point I was running out of ideas until I came across Bayside Colonics through a friend.


What better way to get to the root of the cause then by cleansing and healing your gut with colonics. Since having colonics for about 2 years now, I have noticed so many amazing changes such as clearer skin (goodbye acne!), whiter eyes, not feeling bloated all the time and my overall mental health which has improved immensely.




Can not recommend Kyah and her team enough! Such a beautiful, kind hearted person I’ve been to a few places in the past, but Bayside Colonics is hands down the best practice I’ve been to!

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Been looking for a colon hydrotherapist for years and happened to discover this clinic. Kyah has created a clinic that is beautiful and exactly what you’d expect - safe, comfortable, effective, and the perfect place to release all the toxins. I had 3 colon hydrotherapy sessions back to back (mon, tues, and Wednesday) with Hope and it was amazing. After having had a stem cell transplant 4 years ago that wiped my gut and has caused problems ever since, I feel lighter (literally - 2 kilos) and soothed. It’s hard to put into words exactly the experience of a colon hydrotherapy session, but the feeling of emotional and physical relief is life changing. I highly recommend this clinic and these therapists to anyone looking, searching, and wondering.



I am now a frequent visitor to Bayside Colonics, and after my results (and my constant ravings) my husband is now a convert. As well as feeling better, I now have a flat tummy 30 years after having children,so you can see why I'm so impressed. The health benefits are wonderful too after years with an uncomfortable tummy I didn't know what to do(After some advice from Kyah) the plan was set and a few short months later my life has changed I look and feel great. We love it.



My 9yr old daughter has gut issues has now for 3yrs. consist pain constipation compaction and overflow she also has some other issues. I took her in as my last hope in trying to fix her gut while we sat on a waiting list for the hospital. kyah is so lovely with her and made myself and my daughter feel so comfortable and listened about our struggle with health. After the first clonics my daughter said to me I feel so happy mum cause I am not in pain anymore and I could see her mood and temper change. A week later she started to bank up again and she said please can we go see Kyah she is the only one that makes me feel better so we now go weekly we have now found she may have a neurological issue where her brain to bowel has trouble responding so thankgod we have clonics and we have Kyah.

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