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Fear and false assumptions are often the two reasons we never try something new.

Even if we have heard 99% other great things about something, for some reason it's the one negative we hold onto. Even if its just someone else's opinion who has no experience in the area.

Don't let fear or misinformation hold you back from achieving great results and feeling like your best self.

For all those considering taking the plunge into colonics and transforming their gut health forever, let me put your mind at east as I address the 5 most common myths I hear about Colon Hydrotherapy.


One of the biggest myths I hear floating around the news, grape vine or even just on the web is that colonics are dangerous. As a therapist of over 5 years and an individual who has had colonics every week for the lasts 12 years (over 1,000 treatments) – I can personally tell you from my vast experience, this is false.

Colonics when administered correctly by a trained and knowledgeable therapist, are a completely safe way to detox the body and in fact, the best addition to any treatment plan or healthy lifestyle. And…the best part is… there are no drugs, chemicals or negative side effects.

I’d like to know what other current treatment for constipation, IBS or other disease of the bowel can boast the same. Oh wait, there isn’t one (besides a healthy diet)! Before you even consider trying laxatives, bowel stimulant medication or let alone surgery, I strongly encourage you to read the fine print of those ”miracle pills” and think about what you are trying to achieve. Do you want a quick fix band aid that just relieves your symptoms now? What is they keep coming back? (Which they will if you don’t treat the cause.) Or do you want to find out why this is happening in your body to cause the condition and make a change so it doesn’t keep rearing its ugly head?

The real danger here is misinformation and a lack of understanding on what the body needs to function at its prime. Chemical laxatives are only running interference.

Not only are these substances potentially addictive, they come with a range of harmful side effects (which most doctors and chemists don’t highlight) including reliance on the product, while increasing toxicity in your body and of course, not treating any part of the actual cause.

Bowel perforation and colons bursting are dramatic fabrications of western medicine professionals to try to shine a negative light on the simple, cleansing and drug free process of rinsing out the bowel that colonics provide. Colonics date back to ancient Egypt in 1500 BC and although slightly more advanced now (medical tubing instead of reeds)– the method of detoxing by manually flushing out the colon with water is the same. All standard colonics machine are also equipped with pressure gauges, temperature controls and provide all of the information a therapist needs to administer the treatment safely while of course, always listening to the client’s needs.

So, myth buster #1 – colonics are a safe, and in my opinion he best way to quickly detox the body, cleanse the large intestine of old compacted waste matter and revitalise yourself!


Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle, natural way to flush out the large bowel and although at first it may be slightly foreign and have moments of discomfort (not many love the insertion of the speculum, but seriously it lasts about 15 seconds and once you’ve had a few treatments, its not big deal) the entire treatment is for the most part very relaxing.

The only times that a colonic can be painful is when a client is very toxic and which case the water entering the colon is stirring up extreme amounts of compacted waste and toxicity, which in turn makes the client feel what could be described as diarrhoea pains. Trapped gas in the colon can also cause a bit of discomfort as the water goes around it but for the most part these feelings of discomfort pass quickly as soon as the matter or gas is released. Cramping and nausea can be common during these times of immense liver flushes in which the liver dumps toxic bile out through the colon during a colonics however the feeling of relief when the flush occurs can be a full body experience of release and relief.

Colonics are a fantastic way to detox physically and emotionally so come prepared to leave your worries on the table, and in some cases shed a few tears. Your therapist is there to guide your entire experience and support you in any way possible.


This is a common misconception and certainly one that I feel strongly about especially because I think it deters a lot of people from giving Colon Hydrotherapy a try (men – yeah I’m talking to you). Colonics are provided with the upmost discretion and non-judgement.

Yes, your first colonic may feel a bit strange – you come in, undress from the waste down to have a speculum put up your bum (not something you want to broadcast to your friends that you voluntarily agreed to) in front of someone you don’t know who then facilitates what is most likely to be the best shit of your life.

But, what you don’t realise, is that just like a mechanic who sees a car for its parts and the way it works, so do colon hydrotherapists see the body and your entire treatment. You’ve obviously come in for a reason, just like we take our cars into the shop for a routine service or when something is wrong, and we are here to help, its what we do. Plus, lets be real here – there is about 15 seconds of bum nudity during the insertion and then you are rolled over onto a comfortable position on your back and completely covered up.

What comes next is the outflow of your toxins, which your therapist will discuss with you along with your diet, lifestyle and any other factors that could be contributing to the reasons you’ve decided to detox. Although the thought of watching your own poo come flowing through a tube and watching it with someone else may sound embarrassing – it looks completely different than what most people expect and its truly fascinating. There is no better way to get feedback on what is really happening in your gut than examining what comes out. Are you digesting your food? Are you too acidic? Do you have parasites? Have you been stressing too hard or drinking too much booze? We can tell just by looking at what comes through your tube and we will explain everything to you.

We are passionate about gut health and colon cleansing because it is such an important part of your wellbeing. Plus – we’ve had tons of colonics ourselves! And don’t worry – you wont shit the bed, everything will come through the tube and if you feel blocked, you can release the rest on the toilet. And, if you do, that’s okay too. We’ve seen it all and understand things are sometimes out of our control but it is very, very rare that happens. As long as your body is releasing, no matter how it happens, we think its great and we are here to support you.

So to recap - We’ve all been in your shoes, that first time when you don’t know what to expect and you’re a bit shy and uncomfortable but trust me, as long as you have a open mind and don’t take yourself too seriously – we can make your colonic a great totally non embarrassing experience. Usually filled with a lot of laughs, information and a greater sense of wellbeing afterwards!


The great thing about closed system colon hydrotherapy is that everything is completely contained. That means, when the two way hose is inserted, clean filtered water comes in through the inlet hose and all toxicity and waste comes out through the outlet house. There is no stopping at at go, all of the waste goes straight from your body, through the viewing tube (so we can see what’s coming out) and straight into the sewage just as it would if you flushed the toilet. And that’s it. No smells, no mess, just in and out – and of course we love our essential oils so the aromatherapy in the room will help relax your body to cleanse as well. Open system colonics are a bit different, our preference is definitely closed system as it is contained and smell, mess free! Myth busted!


Whist colon hydrotherapy is great for relieving constipation, there are so many other reasons people can and should have colonics. From the opposite – those who have loose stools and IBS (which means you’ve most likely got a bad bacteria overgrowth that you need to cleanse with a few colonics, look at your diet and rebuilt your gut flora with some probiotics) to those suffering with anxiety and depression, colonic detoxes have a positive impact on the entire body, as putrefying waste in the large bowel can be impacting tons of different functions in our body’s.

Did you know that 90% of serotonin is produced in your gut? Yes, serotonin as in our happy neurotransmitter to the brain. The effects of a toxic, overloaded colon extend far beyond just extra time on the toilet but can impact our brains, moods, feelings, energy levels, and cause a ripple effect throughout the entire body. So if you’re feeling stressed, sad, anxious or irritable, having a colonic can really help to boost your mood, relax your body and release negative toxicity. They’re also great for symptoms of PMS and cleansing emotionally.

Just like taking your car in for a service or getting your teeth checked at the dentist, colonics are a great way to maintain a healthy digestive system, even if you think you are super healthy! By staying on top of cleansing and not letting your body build up to heightened levels of toxicity, regular colonics can help to keep your body functioning at its prime and you feeling your best! Check out our website for more information on how colonics can benefit you!

Hopefully this give you some insight into the wonderful and safe world that is Colon Hydrotherapy. As I mentioned in the post, I've had over 1,000 colonic treatments myself and the therapy has transformed my life forever. If you wish to read more about my story and my journey through colonics, you can find this on our website along with a long list of other FAQ's!

If you have any other questions, please post below or feel free to get in touch.

Bottoms up Baysiders!

Love and Light,


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