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Why I Became a BodyTalk Practitioner

‘Why doesn’t my body heal itself!!!??? The BodyTalk solution. After 18 months of walking around with an inflammation in my heel (plantar fasciitis), which really limited me in my ability to be on my feet, go for walks, go to the shops etc., I was frustrated and pulling my hair out, wondering why my body just wasn’t healing it. I had done Accupuncture, Physio, Shockwave therapy, and bought orthopaedic shoes, all of it only gave marginal improvement. Then I came across a BodyTalk practitioner, and after 3 sessions, I was 90% pain free! I was blown away by its simplicity, and by the fact that with a little bit of help, my body could heal itself. So why didn’t my body heal itself, and how did BodyTalk make the difference? Sometimes the communication within our body becomes compromised. Stress, trauma, unresolved emotions, (inherited) belief systems and programs, toxins from diet, medication and environment, events, relationships, fears and so on can stand in the way of the free flow of communication and energy through your body. Messages send from A never reach B, or the message becomes distorted, and the actions are never executed. Compare your body with a computer, sometimes programs don’t run properly, and we need to do a ‘defrag’. Through the BodyTalk procedures, we find out where and why the communication is compromised, we do a reset, and the body’s innate healing capacity can do its job again. While studying BodyTalk, I realised that it was the missing piece of the puzzle for me to be able to create sessions, that together with my Reiki from way way back, and my 25 years of Alchemeic energy medicine experience, would be very down to earth, yet a truly uplifting and detoxifying experience. Clients leave feeling lighter, relaxed and restored, relieved, stronger, and with more mobility, resolve and clarity. Release of emotions, and insights into patterns and beliefs and how to be different can be felt for days after the sessions.


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