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Managing Anxiety Naturally

So many people these days suffer from anxiety, and many are trying to find natural ways to manage it.

Medication can be useful for some, but usually comes with side effects, and doesn’t work well for everyone. Anxiety can arise during different times in our lives.

Periods of hormonal fluctuations, like in the teenage years, around pregnancy and menopause, are well known to bring on anxiety.

For some people caffeine, medication, or Marijuana use can create anxiety.

Some people get stuck in a cycle where Marijuana is used for relaxation, but then coffee or energy drinks are needed to brighten up again in the morning, creating more anxiety, which then needs more Marijuana.

People with anxiety are often ‘overthinkers’, perfectionists, or ‘everything or nothing’ personalities. This often stems from a period in their life when they did not feel safe, constantly on edge, and adjusting their behaviour to keep them safe. This, and being in abusive situations can create patterns of being hyper vigilante and in constant fight/flight or freeze mode.

People who had parents who were lacking parenting skills, or were physically, mentally or emotionally manipulative/abusive/absent, and shamed their children, also often suffer from anxiety later in life.

Studies into gut health and the microbiome are showing how gut health and mental health are very interrelated and influence each other. All things that have a negative effect on your gut health, like chronic stress, processed foods, environmental toxins, chemicals in our body products and cleaning products, will therefore have a negative effect on your mental health.

So it comes as no surprise that people who start working on their gut health, often experience an improvement in their mental health.

Making changes in diet and lifestyle, detoxing with the help of cleanses, colonics and enemas can all improve our gut health.

Addressing the energy blocks, releasing the trauma, the fears, the beliefs, and held emotions through BodyTalk/Reiki sessions, can bring enormous relief from anxiety, as the core issues are addressed.

Our mental health, gut health and overall health are affected by many aspects. The more aspects we address, the more improvement we see!

We can help you address all these aspects through colonics, enemas, supplements, education, and BodyTalk/Reiki sessions.


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