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Help! I have Candida!

We regularly see signs of ‘Candida overgrowth’ during colonics in the clinic.

This shows as a fine foam in the tube, ranging from creamy, to yellow, to orange- brown, depending on how old the foam is.

This often ties in with the symptoms the clients presents with, and gives us direction for our recommendations. But what does it mean, when you have Candida overgrowth, and what to do about it?

Candida is a yeast, which lives on our skin and mucous surfaces, and in our digestive tract, together with trillions of other bacteria. It is part of a healthy microbiome, and even helps with the digestion and absorption of our food. When given the chance though, when our microbiomes are disturbed and our beneficial bacteria are wiped out, Candida will take over the space that is created. That’s when the trouble starts. Causes for this dysbiosis, this imbalance in our microbiome, are many :

-high sugar, refined and processed foods diet

-exposure to chemicals, toxins, heavy metals

-chronic stress


-oral contraceptives, corticosteroids, PPI’s

-lack of fibre

-nutritional deficiencies


Clever little bugger!

Candida is very clever, and therefor it can be tricky to deal with. In it’s yeast like state it is non invasive, but when it grows into plague size proportions, it can change the Ph in its environment (through the release of ammonia), and change into it’s ‘fungal’ state and grow rhizoids, long rootlike tentacles. These roots can then attach to, invade and penetrate the mucosal lining of our intestines. Our immune system responds to this with inflammation and this in turn creates ‘leaky gut syndrome’, whereby the toxins produced by the Candida, and food particles, can enter the bloodstream. That’s when the immune system needs to work even harder, gets overloaded, exhausted and weakened, and we start to see food intolerances, allergies and autoimmune diseases. The liver also gets overburdened, trying to detoxify all the toxins released by the Candida, that are now in the bloodstream.

On top of all that, Candida creates a biofilm, in which it hides from our immune system, and it can switch back and forth from the yeast to the fungal state, by adjusting the Ph in its environment. All together a tricky little bugger!

In people with very suppressed immune systems, like organ transplant patients, and some cancer patients, the cells of the Candida itself can spread through the body. This is when we call it a systemic infection, which can become life threatening.

Candida can create a cascade of symptoms!

Some of the typical Candida symptoms are:

-brain fog, poor memory and focus

-fatigue (also caused by nutrient deficiency, when the Candida disturbs digestion and absorption)

-bloating, flatulence, constipation, diarrhoea

-recurring yeast infections


-depression, anxiety, mood swings

-weakened immune system, allergies and autoimmune diseases

-adrenal fatigue

-hormonal imbalances

-skin issues

-‘hangovers’ or ‘auto-brewery-syndrome’(from the alcohol released by Candida)

-recurring UTI’s

-chronic sinus infections

-gout/joint pain (from uric acid)

-inability to digest food and absorb nutrients properly

Vaginal yeast infections, oral thrush, athlete’s foot and toe nail fungus are all types of Candida infections, and are often seen at the same time as intestinal Candida overgrowth.

Fighting back!

Fortunately, Candida can be treated very well, but it does need a multi-pronged approach, perseverance and patience. The severity of the infection, and how long it has been present, determines how long and strict the treatment is needed. The treatment is based on a few principles:

Stop feeding the Candida through a no sugar diet. This means cutting out all sugars, processed foods, high glycemic carbs, alcohol, lollies, biscuits, cookies, cakes, soft drinks, even fruit and starchy vegetables in the more severe cases.

Start feeding the good bacteria through a fresh, organic, whole foods, mainly plant based diet. The good bacteria need loads of fibre, so lots of veggies, nuts and seeds and healthy grains like quinoa, amaranth, millet, and buckwheat . On top of fibre intake through your diet, most of us would do well to also take a fibre supplement Good bacteria also love exercise.

Stop killing the good bacteria through managing your stress levels, minimising your exposure to pesticides, antibacterials, medication, toxic cleaning and body products, and environmental toxins.

Add more good bacteria through probiotic supplements and fermented foods.

Killing the Candida, not only by starving it with a no-sugar-diet, but also through the use of herbs, oils, foods, and essential oils, with anti fungal qualities, like:

-garlic, eaten raw, or taken rectally via a garlic implant or enema.

-grapefruit seed extract

-oregano, thyme, and tea tree essential oils, certified therapeutic grade.

-coconut oil

-digestive and systemic enzymes

-Pau d’arco

-Barberry bark

Stop the inflammation through an anti inflammatory diet and anti inflammatory herbs and spices. Stress management is also very important here, as stress is a major contributor when it comes to inflammation.

Start healing the gut lining with soothing herbs. Fibre is also needed here, as it feeds the good bacteria, which in turn will feed the cells of the gut lining.

Supplements we recommend

These are the supplements we recommend and sell, which address all of the above steps, except for your diet.

Ultimate Fibre

This is an amazing combination of:

-high fibre herbs that will feed the good bacteria and help restore the microbiome.

-herbs to heal and sooth the inflammation of the gut lining, restoring and strengthening the gut lining

-herbs to kill all parasites, pathogenic bacteria, and fungi (including Candida)

-herbs to help cleanse the digestive tract of all old mucous and faecal matter, in which Candida lives and hides


This is a combination of herbs with anti fungus qualities, specifically designed to target Candida


A vegan friendly enzymes formula, to help you digest your food, absorb more nutrients and start to replenish your depleted system. It also contains systemic enzymes which ‘digest’ the biofilm which Candida creates to protect itself.


A raw and active form of liquid probiotics, able to survive the stomach acid and easily absorbed into the intestinal wall, providing benefits almost immediately.


This is a herbal formula to support the liver and help it to get through the detox.

Want to beat it quick? Colonics!

Not only can we detect Candida with colonics, a series of colonics will help you beat Candida so much quicker, as we wash lots of the Candida and old mucous and faecal matter away. It supports and stimulates the whole detox process, the immune system, the lymphatic system and all organs involved. It can also bring great relief from the ‘die off’ symptoms you might experience. As the Candida is killed and it’s cells break down, lots of the toxins held inside those cells are released and can overwhelm your system. You might experience all your Candida symptoms even stronger! Therefore always gradually build up the intake of your supplements, slow and steady will really pay off here.

What’s eating you?

There seem to be emotional patterns that also contribute to why the Candida takes over and eats away at you. Feeling really frustrated, stuck in a situation, not able to work your way out of it, always giving to others but not to your self, letting others use you, are patterns we see pretty much 100% of the time, with clients who suffer from Candida overgrowth. So what’s eating you?

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