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Unpacking Childhood Constipation

We here at Bayside Colonics are seeing a growing number of children suffering with constipation and digestive issues. This concern of constipation and digestive issues is not only effecting the child's ability to absorb crucial nutrients for essential growth and development; but also effecting the child's cognitive function , focus and attention in school and energy levels.

You may wonder what is the main contributing factor to children constipation? One big thing that has changed in the last two decades is diet! The lack of nutritious whole foods and home made meals is concerning. The shelves of a supermarket are filled with artificial foods filled with additives and preservatives that our digestive system simply does not know how to digest.

Families are marketed healthy snacks and lunchbox fillers that are just plastic coated rubbish and provide no beneficial bacteria , vitamins or energy for our beautiful little humans. Along with the lack of fruit and vegetables comes the lack of good quality water and a large percentage of children are walking around dehydrated and their thirst is being addressed with high sugar juice or brightly coloured cordial.

Childhood constipation can also develop in the early years as babies, continue on to daycare, primary school and before you know it you are a full grown adult suffering with constipation and digestive issues that are effecting your quality of life.

Do you remember yourself as a child , having an accident at daycare and feeling embarrassed and upset? Or when you would hold on all day at primary school as it was not cool to use the bathroom at school? These beliefs and memories carry with us into our adult lives and we then become afraid to use the work toilets or use the bathroom with our new boyfriend in the house.

This may seem like it is all tricks of our mind but our brain is very much connected to our gut and when we signal to our gut that we must hold this bowel movement in then our bowel become lazy and our bowels become neglected in a sense. Addressing the constipation issues your child is having is a great start.

There are many things we can do to help constipation and they can be very simple. Start by looking at what your child is eating on a daily basis, keeping it simple start by removing highly processed foods and replacing with good quality whole foods. If you feel your child is fussy , start small and maybe try some home baking to replicate something your child may enjoy. At least then you know what is going in the food your child is eating.

Get to know your child water intake, water can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to prevent constipation. If plain water is unappealing to your little one try adding lemon or orange or let then pick a fruit they may like to flavour the water.

Last but not least, is your child simply getting enough time at home in a comfortable environment to relax their bowels and give their body a chance to release? The rush of today’s world isn’t only effecting adults but even the youngest kids can sense the rush and worry and that can stop the bowel from doing its job. If you have persisted with changing the above points and your child is still struggling it may be time to seek professional help. Here at Bayside Colonics many of us are mothers and many of us help children everyday. You may need something as simple as a good quality Probiotic, a gentle Magnesium, or maybe a gentle Colonic or Enema to restore the bowels peristalsis movement. Wherever you are on the journey of constipation , weather its your child or maybe its you the parent, We would love to help and get your bowels back working in the way they were meant to work!


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