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Signs You Have a Hormonal Imbalance

Your hormonal system, also known as the endocrine system, is made up of a

network of glands and organs in the body that produces hormones.

Hormones are responsible for sending messages to your cells and can influence

your metabolism, growth, reproductive system, thyroid, kidneys, blood pressure,

breast milk production, oxytocin and so much more. Some hormones influence

almost all cells in the body and play a vital role in your overall health, where

others are just for one specific purpose.

The hypothalamus, pituitary gland , pineal gland, thyroid gland, the  parathyroid

glands , the adrenal glands, the pancreas, ovaries and testes all produce

hormones. An example of how this communication works is the pituitary gland releases a

hormone to tell the receptor to do something. This could be: withhold water

from the kidneys, lower your heart rate, product oxytocin to initiate labour,

make cells grow faster, or absorb sugar from the blood. Hormones pass

essential messages for our body to function so it is essential we keep these

pathways clear and our hormones balanced!

Hormones you’ve heard of:

What do hormones do for you? Why is it essential we look after our endocrine

system? Here are a few examples of hormones and how they affect our health!

Cortisol: This is released from the adrenal glands (just above the kidneys). It is

crucial for controlling the body’s response to stress and maintaining blood


Oestrogen and progesterone: These are female sex hormones produced by

follicles in the ovaries and are responsible for female body characteristics and

for storing and releasing eggs. They bring on puberty including breast growth

and public hair, regulate the menstrual cycle, promote fertility, prepare the body

for pregnancy and menopause.

Testosterone: This sex hormone is released from the testes. It produces male

body characteristics and sperm, along with regulating sex drive (libido), bone

mass, strength, red blood cell production and fat distribution. It is essential for

men’s health but also important for females moods, energy and libido

Growth hormone: This is released from the brain’s pituitary gland. It

determines our height, muscle growth, bone length, fat, muscle tissue and plays

a vital role for normal physical growth in children. Growth hormone levels

increase during childhood and peak during puberty.

Thyroxine: This is main hormone produced by the thyroid gland (in the neck)

that gets secreted into the blood stream where it travels to the liver, kidney and

other organs. It converts iodine from the diet into thyroxine and plays a major

role for digestion. It also controls many functions of the metabolism, including

temperature, heart rate, and growth. Thryoxine effects your energy levels, bone

health, brain development and muscle control.

Insulin: This is produced by beta cells in the pancreas (located behind your

stomach). It controls blood sugar levels and is released into the blood stream

when we eat. It helps to move glucose from the good we have just eaten and

turn it into cells that we can use as energy.

What can cause a Hormonal imbalance?

Hormonal imbalances can be caused by a poor diet and lifestyle, insufficient sleep, trauma, stress and chemical exposure. Minimising your exposure to EDC’s (endocrine disrupting

chemicals) like pesticides, herbicides, chemical cleaning products, certain plastic and food

storage wrappers, non-stick pans, old cookware, and many anti bacterial products can

minimise the risk and impact of hormone imbalances. These all run interference on the chemical messages your hormones are sending. Cells do not receive the right message and therefore your body may not be able to regulate properly.

Detoxifying the body can help to remove these harmful substances, unburden the organs

and regain balance to the endocrine system. Coffee enemas can be a powerful detoxifier for

these disruptors, and the Happy Bum Hormone Blend works to support your endocrine

system back to health and vitality. This can be done in an enema. Colonics are very effective at clearing the colon of toxicity as well!

Main Causes for hormonal imbalances:

- High stress – often for a prolonged period of time

- Unhealthy diet – high in processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, sugars

- Insufficient sleep

- Exposure to EDC’s (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals)

- Smoking

- Pregnancy

- Menopause

- Heavy metals

- Medications

- Birth Control

Signs you may have a Hormone Imbalance:

Your body is always sending you signals, if you are suffering with irregular periods, painful

menstrual cycles, mood swings, low libido, weight issues, insomnia, weight gain, acne,

infertility, hot flashes, hair loss or increased hair growth these are all signs that you may

have a hormone imbalance.

Signs your hormones are imbalanced

- Irregular periods

- Painful menstural cycles

- Low libido

- Inability to lose weight

- Hot Flushes

- Infertility

- Acne

- Increased or decreased hair growth

- Mood swings

- Anxiety

- Feeling cold all the time

- Constipation

How to rebalance your hormones?

Detoxifying is a crucial step to rebalancing your hormones. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms of hormone imbalance, it's time to book yourself in for regular colonics (ideally no more than a few days a part) to rid the body of all this stored up toxicity. In addition to colonics, coffee enemas are particularly beneficial to remove harmful substances from the liver and other organs that can be causing interference.

Reducing your stress levels, eating a nourishing diet of plant based whole foods and minimising sugar, alcohol and caffein intake will make a huge difference while you detoxify and allow your body to come back into balance.

Take supporting herbs to help support your hormones. The Happy Bum Hormone Blend is a great product to help support all hormone health. Global Healing Centre Women's and Men's hormone blends are also very beneficial.

3 Ways to Rebalance Hormones:

- Colonics

- Coffee enemas

- Hormone support blend enemas and bulbs

- Hormone herbal blend - oral

- Lifestyle and nutritional support

- Get adequate sleep

Another point to consider here is birth control. If you are currently taking a birth control pill, or other form of contraception, it's important to realise these can have a detrimental effect on your body's natural endocrine system. These artificial hormones can create hormonal imbalances in the body and each contain different hormone levels. Although medical advise should be sought from your doctor, it is more and more obvious how large a role these birth control measures are not as safe for your body as they appear. Consulting a naturopath and supporting your body's hormones and contraception naturally may be a better, more holistic option.


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