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My Journey to Clear Skin - Katarina

As a whole, I am a healthy person. I eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water etc. I had acne when I was 20 and pretty unhealthy. It was no shock to me then. I got rid of it with a few skin needling treatments and by cleaning up my diet. Since then, I would get a few breakouts here and there but for the most part, my skin was clear. You can imagine my shock when I broke out in acne at the age of 27 years old when I am at my healthiest. Of course, at the start I was really upset at the look of my skin, but now I see this as a blessing. This acne is my bodies way of telling me that something is not right. Something in my body is out of balance or missing. My goal is to get to the route cause of it, and heal the real problem.

I have now started my journey to healing my acne. I am a big believer in having a great support team behind you. Sometimes we need extra help. I have a great naturopath, a holistic nutritionist, body talk practitioner, my happy bum products and colonics.

Colonics: Our skin is our largest organ that supports the detoxification process. By having regular colonics, I am able to assist my body in ridding of toxins, so that my skin does not have to take on so much of the burden. Colonics are able to help flush out waste that has been sitting in our bodies for years. There are many wonderful benefits to colonics which I have experienced. My skin is already less inflamed from doing regular colonics and enemas.

Happy Bum Products: My skin is quite inflamed. My breakouts are often very red and itchy. To help with this inflammation, I do regular anti-inflammatory enemas at home. Through the use of regular enemas, I have seen my skin calm down, and it has stopped itching so much. once a week, I will also do a Coffee Enema to help my liver detox as well. For healthy skin, it is ESSENTIAL to go to have a bowel movement every day. My happy bum bag is a life saver when it comes to this.

Holistic Nutritionist: I am a very natural person. I don't believe counting macros or calories is the way to health. I believe the way to health is natural whole foods that suit our body. I was lucky, and found a really great holistic nutritionist who specialises in acne. She has ordered a stool sample which will be able to tell us about any bad bacteria in my gut and my microbiome. Once these results come back, she is able to make up a food plan for me that is specific to my goals and my results.

Naturopath: If you find a good naturopath - stick with them! My naturopath is helping me with post viral infection. She created herbals for me, that assisted in healing my body from past viruses. Previously, I would get run down so easily and sick so fast because my body never fully recovered. When your body is fighting not to get sick, the last thing it cares about is your skin. It prioritises 'not dying'.

Body Talk Practitioner: Like most people, I stress. I can hold onto anxiety and past emotions. Stress, anxiety and depression all have a negative impact on your skin. These sessions allow me to let go of these emotions.

I still eat organic, dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free. I drink about 3 litres of filtered water a day and do the right things. Sometimes this isn't enough and we need some extra help to really get to the bottom of things.

I know what you must be thinking right now; 'How much money does this girl spend on her health?'. My health is my biggest priority. It allows me to be the best version of myself mentally and physically. My health is my biggest investment. This body is my home and I will always do what is best for it. My journey to healing my skin has just begun, and I am so excited to keep you posted.

Sending love and light always - Kat xx


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