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Curing Hormonal Acne


As a young woman, I know how it feels to suffer from hormonal acne. It impacts your emotional and physical wellbeing and is often the main reason women get prescribed hormonal birth control pills; I was one of them. A massive fear women have is what will happen with their skin once ditching the pill. I've been there, it's a vicious cycle. After years of ditching the pill, experiencing horrific skin breakouts afterwards, reaching for all of the face masks and serums in the world which could help and eventually giving in and going back on the pill- I finally found my answer. It's not about what you put on your skin, it's the state of your gut and liver. I was prepared to embark on a long winded journey to having good skin, and was genuinely surprised at the instant difference that detoxing my liver made to my skin. I know there is plenty of women out there experiencing this despair - and my goal is to educate and empower women to know there is an end in sight and that it is easier than we expect.

-Liv - Colon Hydrotherapist coming Dec 2021

Where to start?

1. Pay attention to your Gut

After all, it's whats on the inside that counts. My skin journey drastically improved when I tackled my gut health face on. Water intake, good probiotics and increasing antimicrobial herbs in the diet such as Cinnamon and Ginger. These herbs act synergistically to kill off harmful bacteria that causes weight gain, inflammation and acne.Chewing your food properly is another key factor in Gut health - it sounds comical but if you are absorbing your nutrients and doing better poops; your skin improves as a byproduct. We love that!

2. Give your Liver some lovin'

This is the part that sounds difficult - I thought the same UNTIL I realised our Liver is the Queen of detoxification and acne is a sign that she needs support. Every chemical, toxin, and pharmaceutical drug (including birth control) will go into your liver to be processed. So many people's skin issues are linked directly to the amount of toxins in their environment (foods, makeup, cleaning products, medication) . Reducing the amount of chemicals within my home, makeup, skincare and foods has given my liver the well deserved break it needed. To further support my liver, I decided to give the old Coffee Enema a run. Having your coffee from the opposite end is always a weird concept to grasp - but once you experience the immense release and detox your liver on that deeper level; there is no going back. Weekly Coffee Enemas should be apart of everyones health & beauty regime regardless of their skin condition. GAME CHANGER!

3. Be Hydrated as HELL

This one we've all heard before, drink water and you'll be healthy.. BUT no one tells you that you can give your body the drink of a lifetime by having a colonic. Yep, purified water right where you want it. Our colon can absorb LITRES of water each Colon Hydrotherapy session. This is why the morning after a colonic you wake up GLOWING out of every crevice of your body. Okay, I might be over exaggerating but experience it for yourself ladies and gents.

4. Clean up your act

This one might be a hard pill to swallow, but getting blind drunk on the weekend isn't as cool as it used to be. Neither is waking up feeling like crap, having breakouts, deciding you already feel like crap so continuing the day by eating McDonalds, not getting anything productive done. Yep, it sounds all too familiar. It's 2021 and we're all about getting a good night sleep, getting your sh*t organised for the week ahead, having a pamper session, getting out in nature, soaking in the sunshine, eating delicious goodness ness (aka. açai bowls - YUM) and actually feeling prepared for the week ahead. It's cool to be rested, energised and healthy. Oh, and don't let me forget. WASH YOUR SHEETS. Let them dry on the clothes line in the sunshine. Not only does this impact your skin health - but it genuinely facilitates the best night sleep ever. Win, win!

5. Sweat it out

Heard all the health gurus talking about how incredible an Infrared Sauna is? Well.. it's true. Saunas allow you to sweat out all of the toxins held underneath the surface of the skin, which reduces the occurrence of break outs and improves elasticity in the skin and facilitates that sought after glow!

That is all of my key tips! Bare minimums that I couldn't live without and can't recommend enough are Coffee enemas and saunas! I can't wait to help young women like me embark on a journey to clear skin A.K.A. daily confidence! Feel free to ask me any further questions in the Clinic! I am always floating around and soon to be a therapist myself.

Sending love and light xx



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