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Bec's journey to optimal health and becoming a colon hydrotherapist

My Journey began when I was just a young teenage girl, around the age of 14 years old.

As you can imagine a 14 year old probably isn’t overly interested in health but more interested in fashion, boys and going to the movies and devouring a bag of lollies with her friends .

Growing up my families diet was never highly nutritious or homemade but unfortunately like many families at the time it was full of processed carbohydrate, refined sugar and it was depleting the life out of me and my colon. I can’t really blame my parents as back then the education around food, health and well being just wasn’t as popular as it now and the way I nourish my children is very different.

Diet plays a big part in our digestive health, but don’t forget stress does too.

Have you heard of the gut to brain connection? If things aren’t going well in your environment or your relationships, the gut is going to scream out for help and show signs of digestive issues and effect our skin too.

When I was 14 I stopped going to the toilet, a few months of doctor visits, endless hours straining on the toilet and what was the first thing prescribed to me ? Over the counter laxatives!

No referral to a naturopath, nutritionist or I wish a colon hydrotherapist. For the next 15 years I used over the counter laxatives because there was simply no education and it was the so called easy way. There came a time when these laxatives stopped working, so what do we do? We take more laxatives.

Because you can walk into any chemist and buy these products, you can even buy them in the super market people don’t realise the dangers or the seriousness that comes along with taking them. Just because you don’t need a script from a doctor to buy them does not mean they are not a substance that should be monitored carefully.

Years went on and many lifestyle changes occurred from school, to full-time work to getting married and having two beautiful children. Yet there was still this disappointing and uncontrollable habit that I couldn’t break. Many times I had tried to quit the laxatives but it didn’t last as I simply couldn’t go to the toilet. My body had become reliant on them and I thought I would be in my 80's and still using them, fearful that what if I couldn’t get my hands on them one day .

I had researched colon hydrotherapy and although the idea scared me I decided to book in at bayside colonics with owner and founder Kyah. This was a game changer and I never looked back! This wasn’t just an hour appointment and we will see you next week kind of visit, in this session I was listened to, I was educated and a plan of action was set to improve my health.

I continued seeing Kyah regularly over the next few years incorporating enemas at home, purified water and also coffee enemas with my happy bum bag ( a must have for every household). It took a long time for me to eventually come of the laxatives but when the decision was made that it needed to happen then my body surprisingly went back to its natural instinct and primal way and started working for itself! I couldn’t believe it, for 15 years I thought my bowel was ruined .

This leads to me why I am now a colon hydrotherapist at Bayside Colonics and pursuing a passion and a career in helping others who have may have been just like me.

At Bayside Colonics we are here to help educate you on the right choices for digestive health and well being and guide you to be in control of your health and start living life to the fullest.

For those of you who are sitting on the fence about colon hydrotherapy, do yourself a favour and book in at Bayside Colonics. Life is too short to hold onto shit .

xx Bec


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