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Many woman struggle through menopause suffering with lots of debilitating symptoms like hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, itchy-ness, soreness, stiffness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, teariness, and foggy brain.

But is there something you can do to help? Can detoxifying the body help?

I myself went through all of this and it was pretty exhausting to say the least.

I was so sore I could no longer do my yoga, I could not even sit on the floor anymore! Going for a walk was a struggle and just wanted to cry and go to sleep.

My naturopath did some tests and explained to me that throughout my life I had accumulated a lot of toxins in my body, which made it more difficult for my body to deal with the hormonal changes that were taking place. I was somewhat surprised by that as I had always lead a fairly healthy life and eaten healthy food. But it made sense, we still accumulate toxins from our environment, from stress, from processed and non organic foods, all of which had been part of my life, at least at some stage.

So that’s when my detox journey started, and I decided to start having colonics.

My first few sessions were pretty hard work, I got cramps on the table, I was sweaty, and felt like I was releasing from my head to my toes! Even though I had 2 or 3 bowel movements per day, I still released loads of dark old faecal matter, which had, unbeknownst to me, been stuck in pockets and on the sides of my colon for what I imagine was a very long time.

After those first few sessions I felt pretty washed out, lightheaded, exhausted, and felt old anger arising and releasing. I’m so glad I persevered though, because after my forth session, I suddenly felt like a new woman! A shift was occurring as my body finally detoxified.

My vitality was back, I slept so well, I felt sooo relaxed, my stiffness and soreness were easing, I was sooo happy and sooo grateful!

During this month of colonics, I also cleaned up my diet more; more organic food, more plant based, no more sugar! I realised that I could no longer get away with what had never been a problem before, and that if I wanted to keep feeling this re-found vitality, fitness and strength, that I needed to keep working on it! I did a liver cleanse, more colonics and started doing weekly coffee enemas.

Now I feel like I’m staying on top of things and I go through my days with ease and joy again.

You can too. Menopause does not have to take all of the comfort and joy out of life, its simply slow the body's ageing process down and in the process we have to adapt. Healthier eating and reguar detoxification can make a world of difference!

Are you struggling with menopause or difficult periods? Why not see what detoxifying the body with colonics can do for you? In order to feel the full benefit it will take a few sessions for the body to really make a shift but it is well worth it. Detoxifying the body is often the missing ingredient in rebalancing the system and leading a healthy happy life in harmony with your body.

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