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Making colonics part of your lifestyle

Why making colonics part of your lifestyle could be the best health decision you make!

As we get a bit older ( and sorry, that is anyone over 30), our body slows down. Researchers have found that peoples' mental abilities peak at 22 before beginning to deteriorate just five years later.

Not only does our whole metabolism slow down, and we burn less calories, we also eliminate toxins at a slower pace.

You will notice that, when you just can’t get away anymore with things you never had any trouble with, (like late nights with lots of alcohol, or working 60 hours a week without any trouble). Things become more sluggish, including the bowels, toxins start to build up, and we don’t feel that vital anymore.

Colonics are a fantastic, simple, nearly effortless, and all natural way to help your body to detox.

That’s why we recommend all our clients to come back for maintenance sessions. It’s one of the easiest ways to push back the sluggishness, the foggy brain, the tiredness, and get your vitality back.

Of course; the cleaner your diet, the better your work/life balance, the more you stay active, the less the toxicity will build up. But we see all clients who do a monthly maintenance session benefit greatly. Having regular colonics is such a great way to stay on top of things, and beat ageing for a bit longer! Your skin, waist line and emotional health will thank you!

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