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"The Neural Arc Reflex" - How the Nerves in Your Colon Connect to the Entire Body

Did you know that there are thousands of nerves in your colon and that they directly connect to the brain, central nervous system, and all other parts of the body?

Your colon is far more than just a waste shoot. In fact, it's a vital part of our body that is connected to every system.

Lets start at the beginning.

When you were an embryo, one of the first things you developed was your gut tube. A hollow tube from your mouth to your anus. Then all of your organs formed as little bulbs protruding from it.

So your organs are all lined with the original nerve tissue from your gut tube.

Therefore, if your bowel is impacted with faecal matter, it can actually negatively impact your whole body. Not just through auto-intoxication (where toxins find their way back into the bloodstream through reabsorption), but also through these nerve connections, or reflex points.

If you have an inflamed bowel pocket in the area reflexly connected to your eyes, you might find your eyesight improve with a series of colonics and some changes in diet.

Have hip, knee or shoulder pain? You might find these pains ease, after the connected reflex points in the colon are relieved of irritating matter.

Sir W. Arbuthnot Lane, an English surgeon and physician to the English crown, who lived from 1856 to 1943, was one of the first to recognise and demonstrate that bowel troubles have a reflex effect upon specific organs in the body.

He showed that irritations of the bowel wall can cause abnormal impulses to be sent via nerve pathways to a remote part of the body. He was an expert in bowel surgery and started noticing this peculiar phenomenon. As he removed certain diseased parts of a patients colon, they would remarkably recover from diseases that had no apparent connection to the surgery.

For example, a boy who was wheelchair bound because of his arthritis, entirely recovered after his bowel surgery and walked again.

Dr Bernard Jensen studied this phenomenon more deeply and called it the ‘neural arc reflex’. When he suffered from severe hip and leg pain, nothing would ease it. A barium X ray of his large intestine showed a fairly large diverticulum (bowel pocket).

Once he cleansed his colon, changed his diet, added lots of fibrous foods, exercised and drank more water, his bowel movements became regular and after 2 weeks his hip and leg troubles disappeared.

He then started looking at his patients complaints differently, and always prescribed bowel cleansing regimen, nutritious and fibrous diets, lots of movement and fluids, with amazing results.

So next time you have aches or pains anywhere in your body, think bowel cleanse and come in for a colonic! You may have a pocket of impacted matter that is causing you pain and making you unwell. Some great fibrous foods to keep your stools moving are vegetables (both raw and cooked), leafy greens, nuts, seeds, beans, and fruits.

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