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7 simple ways to help your body prepare for a colon hydrotherapy detox!

Preparation isn't essential, however here are a few tips that will make your first session a success and as comfortable as possible.

1. Hydrate

Drink lots of water in the time leading up to your colonic. This will just help soften everything in your colon and you will in turn release easier. Colon hydrotherapy provides a full rehydration to your body, but if we can spend less time getting your body hydrated and more time getting your body to release toxins, we will be able to remove more waste. Your body wont start to release until its hydrated. So drink up! Filtered, alkaline water is best. Tap water is full of all sorts of nasties so always avoid where possible.

2. Fast

We recommend fasting before your appointment for at least 3 hours for best results and to make the process as comfortable as possible. This is so we are not digesting and trying to release at the same time. The colonic is designed to help the body rid of waste and cleanse the digestive system so if we can allow the system to be resting while we detox it will be more comfortable and you will be able to relax more. If you don't fast, its not a deal breaker. Some people have no trouble at all eating prior to a colonic, but from personal experience we recommend not.

Should you wish to take the detoxing further, you are welcome to detox for a day or two before you come. Staying away from meats, processed foods, and sugar. Colonics and juice fasting also go well together as the body is detoxing. The colonic should be done at the beginning of the fast and then followed by one at the end for best results. This again will make the process more comfortable as it will speed up the yucky detox side effects and leaving you feeling radiant and cleansed sooner.

3. Magnesium or Magnesium Oxide

If you have it, take it. Magnesium Oxide is ideal, but if you don't have these supplements don't rush out and buy anything as we may suggest something different for you at your colonic depending on your health.

4. Mind Frame

If possible, come to your colonic at a time when you can be fully present and relax. The better you can relax, the better you will be able to release all of the toxins from your body. If you are nervous for your session, try some big breaths and reminding yourself that this is extremely beneficial for your health, people have been irrigating the colon for centuries, everything is completely confidential, and you are in safe hands. Pick the best time for you, we offer appointments weekdays, after hours and on weekends to suit different life styles. Try not to rush to your appointment. Get your zen on and then just show up! That's 90% of life right?

5. Wear something comfortable

There's nothing specific you need to wear but some form of clothing you can remove from the waist down (or ladies a comfy dress you can pull up).

6. Keep a journal

We will ask about your diet, lifestyle, sleeping habits, stress, energy levels, etc. so try to have a good idea of where your body is at. We take a very holistic approach to health so as your gut health begins to improve we find it's very helpful if you track your progress so can see the changes we're making! This also helps with momentum in weight loss and health. Again not essential, but it does really help. You can even take your weight and belly circumference to compare after your sessions. As this is all private, we wont ask for this unless you wish to share but it's a great way to see how colonics are working for you! Results talk!

7. Come with an open mind

Men and women alike, we make assumptions about what we are about to experience. Come with an open mind and be ready to take away all of the amazing benefits colon hydrotherapy has to offer. Your colonic experience will be what you make it and if you can avoid it, try not to focus on the speculum insert, it is not painful and it is no reason to miss out on the detoxification process. Men, no one is worried you will enjoy it. Its simply part of the detox process.

Those are a few tips for all of your first time detoxers! We use a closed system of colon hydrotherapy which involves a trained professional therapist in the room with you at all times, we will coach you on gut health, the entire session and provide a deep belly massage and aroma therapy to help with releases.

Now that you're already and prepared - we can't wait to see you soon at your colonic!

Any questions, please give us a shout!

Love & Light


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