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This has to be one of our most FAQ.

"Aren't Colonics are meant to decrease bloating and help resolve my gut health issues?" most of our clients ask.

"Yes," is always our answer.

"But then why did I feel so bloated after my first treatment?"


The same reason we always recommend you start off with three colonics close together.

Because detoxing is a process of letting go physically, emotionally and spiritually of all that no longer serves us. Rome was not built in a day, and neither will the life long compaction in your colon be cleaned.

Detoxing is an ongoing, often humbling process that takes persistence, preparation and consistency. Your body will let go more and more with each colonic and thus while we are still in the process of clearing, you may have stirred up toxicity that causes bloating, headaches, fatigue and emotions you had not expected. Our advice? Stick with it. You'll be so glad you did.


In reality, there is no magic quick fix to a lifetime of gut health issues, chronic constipation, anxiety, depression, food sensitivities, bad acne or symptoms relating to IBS. And if there was, surely it would take more than an hour and some sort of wand.

So, what are you experiencing when you get bloated or feel nauseous during or after a colonic? It's called a "healing crisis"and it's all part of the journey.

A healing crisis is an acute reaction, resulting from the ascendancy of nature's healing forces over disease conditions. It's tendency is towards recovery, and it is therefore, inconformity with nature's constructive principle.

Basically, its your body's way of fighting off whatever is happening that is causing you dis-ease. An example would be a fever, which is your body's natural acute reaction to a virus or bad bacteria entering the body. The fever is designed to kill off the potential threat so that you can then heal and recover. Although acutely uncomfortable to have a high temperature and the sweats, it is for the greater good and serves a purpose in your body returning to health. Trust your body, it usually knows best.

Now, what does this have to do with your bloating after a colonic? Lets put the pieces together.

Your large intestine (colon) is over two metres long in which, the average person is holding over 5-7 kilos of waste (poo). If you've never done any detoxing or colon cleansing, and are struggling with gut health issues (or are starting to realise that almost all symptoms are related to gut health) this may sound familiar:

A typical scenario:

You've been struggling with IBS, constipation, bloating, food sensitivities, headaches, skin issues, fatigue, trouble losing weight, food cravings, thyroid disorder, heavy metal overload for years....spent a lifetime putting naughty foods, sugar, takeaway, alcohol, chronic stress and other forms of chemicals into your body and you finally booked yourself in for a colonic treatment in the hopes that you can flush all of the toxicity out of your body. You've probably tried almost everything else, and are really hoping this is the answer.

During your first session, we have to spend most of the time rehydrating your body as everything is very hard and dehydrated. You're also a bit nervous so it is a bit harder to relax and let go of the toxins when you feel a flush coming on, but once we soften everything in your colon, and we get a few large flushes as things begin to move. Maybe some old mucus comes through and parasites too. Probably a lot of gas. You then get a bit more confident as its such a relief to see it all start coming out! This is working.

Once we finish, you sit on the toilet and a little bit more comes out, but maybe you still feel a bit bloated and not completely empty. Your tummy is still gurgling, or begins to grumble when you get home. You then get very bloated and feel a bit sick. Now we start to panic.

Why do we feel this way?

Because we have stirred all of the toxicity up in your colon that your body has been holding onto for some time and have not been able to flush it all out yet. We can only get so far in one session and everyone's ability to release is individual. The level of toxicity in your body also determines how sick and bloated you feel. Sometimes, its the people who didn't realise how badly constipated or toxic they were that have the biggest surprise when they are bloated or feeling a bit nauseous after a treatment. Again, this is just body's acute reaction to all of this toxicity being removed and it will pass if you keep flushing through. In fact, it will more than pass and once its all gone you will feel amazing. Probably better than you realised you could because you've been living with all of this toxicity for so long.

So, what should you do? Take a deep breath, relax, allow your body to go through the process and book yourself in for another session ASAP if you havent already. It is completely normal and for some people, just part of the process until all of the waste is removed.


To recap:

This is why we recommend having three session back to back!

Why do we recommend three sessions back to back (no more than a week apart)? Because the closer you do them together, the easier it is to get all the way back to the start of your colon and truly get the old waste matter out that is causing the problems in the first place. If we soften it up, start to get your body excited about releasing it and then you don't come back and follow up with another few sessions, your body will just re-absorb everything we've stirred up back into your blood stream and potentially make you feel even worse until its all settled back into your system. One colonic is always better than none, but certainly for best results you need to have a few and we recommend starting with three.

Again, remember that all of this waste NEEDS TO COME OUT! Your colon is your sewage system and if that backs up you have big problems.

Once we flush all of the old waste, gas and toxicity and hopefully parasites out of your colon, you will have one soft belly you can feel confident about. You will feel lighter, more comfortable, experience an increase in energy, mental clarity and absorb your nutrients better. Until we get to that stage, it means you are still detoxing and consistency is key. Follow our lifestyle and nutritional recommendations, and you will even more out of your colon hydrotherapy experience!

As always, if you have any questions on colon hydrotherapy, what's involved in a session or if you want to know how it would benefit you, please reach out! Send us an email to and we will get in touch!


Happy flushin' folks :)

Love & Light,


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