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Enemas: what are they and why you should do them

An enema is basically a mini colonic, and one of my favourite cleansing tools ever!! Seriously, for all those with chronic constipation or bowel stagnation - enemas are for you. They are lifesavers, provide instant results, are super versatile and are extremely portable.

So the nitty gritty...what exactly is an enema?

An enema is a simple, yet effective way to stimulate the lower colon with water (or other liquid of your choice) to release waste and gas safely and naturally without the use of chemicals or drugs.

This process involves filling a bag or bucket with a liquid solution (such as water, organic coffee, herbal remedy) and inserting the lubricated end of the long tube into the rectum. Insertion takes place on your side and it is advised to hold the liquid for at least 15 minutes before releasing onto the toilet.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, there is very little (if any mess at all- perhaps a few drops of water on your towel).

Reasons why would you do an enema:

1. Relieves constipation

Enemas provide instant results with a release of waste, gas and toxins from the lower colon. An enema is natural, uses no chemicals or drugs to stimulate release and helps the colon to work best on its own. Enemas are also very portable and great for traveling as it is common for people to get constipated while out of their normal routine.

2. Parasite cleansing

Nothing worms and parasites hate more than a direct hit of garlic or coffee straight into the colon. Extremely effective as this process bypasses the digestive system completely. It also provides a straight exit as the colon will also release.

3. Liver detoxification

Coffee enemas have infamous liver detoxification abilities as well as the ability to neutralise free radicals in the body. As one of our most vital and over worked organs, the liver really benefits from cleansing with organic coffee enemas as they boost antioxidants, and support the liver to function at its best. A totally different affect when inserted directly into the colon, coffee enemas are a staple of most alternative disease prevention and treatment regimes which have yielded great results.

4. Fasting

If you are on a fast, often times you wont go to the toilet as you are not putting anything in to stimulate your bowels. Enemas help the body to remove waste and toxins manually throughout this process.

What kinds of enemas can you do?

Just about anything. Coffee. Greens. Garlic, probiotics, check out our website for all of the different remedies we offer and what you can do yourself! If you are just beginning, we can also teach you how to do an enema or begin simply with water. Always ensure the solution is no hotter than body temperature and you clean the bag thoroughly after each use. Some hydrogen peroxide and letting the bag air dry in the sun are great ways to ensure your bag is hygienic for use.

Any more questions? Feel free to send them through!

As always, love & light.


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