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How Colonics helped heal my Anxiety and Depression

Hey Bums,

I wanted to share with you my journey with colonics. Let's go back to early 2019, when I first became a client at Bayside Colonics. I walked in, and there in the chair was an intake form waiting for me. On the intake form, there was the question I had been dreading 'Do you suffer with anxiety and/or depression?'. I knew I had to be completely honest, because that was the reason I decided to try colonics. I needed help. More help than I could give myself. I had done a lot of research about the connection between our gut and mental health and hoped that this was something that could help me.

At that point in time, I was at a very low point with my mental health. In fact, writing this, and remembering just how bad I was is making me tear up. I felt more alone than ever, like the world could just swallow me up and no one would even notice. When it was time for my appointment, Kyah came and got me. I felt instantly safe and warm, and I knew in that instance that this bubbly lady was going to have a huge impact on my life.

As far as healing anxiety and depression goes, I was already doing all the 'right' things. I was seeing a psychologist, I ate really well, I exercised multiple times a week, I was on a mental health plan, and yet here I was, at my wits end about to do a colonic to try and help. I remember telling Kyah that I only went to the bathroom maybe twice a week if I was lucky. No body had ever told me that this is not normal and explained the toxicity that that waste was producing in my body. My first session was hard. I remember the bile was highlighter yellow and Kyah saying 'OMG how stressed are you?". I was full of gas, and so so backed up. I booked in my next session a week later, and was sent home with OXY powder. Boy did things change.

Over the next 4 sessions, I started to notice that my anxiety levels had gone down. My head was clearer, and I was able to rationalise better. I noticed that I was recovering better from exercise, and that I was able to 'tolerate' people better. Things were definitely improving. As life goes on, I had stopped prioritising my colonics. Life was busy, I worked full time, I taught at pole twice a week. and on Saturday's I noticed that I started sleeping again. A lot. I noticed that I my brain fog was coming back. I wasn't as happy. Back to colonics I went and I haven't looked back. Colonics have made a world of difference to my mental health. I am the happiest that I have ever been.

When I got offered to become a therapist, I knew that it was part of my purpose in life. I was going to help people the same way that Kyah helped me. Sending love and light to everyone. I will always hold a safe space for you in clinic.


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