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The best way to replenish essential electrolytes, minerals and amino acids post enema detox!

Happy Bum Hydrate is one of a kind electrolyte blend and the perfect pair to your enema detox journey. Including fulvic acid, vegan BCAA, L glutamine and zinc Happy Bum Hydrate can help you replenish post detox while taking your gut health to the next level.

  • Minimise detox symptoms
  • Improve gut motility & muscular health
  • Improve symptoms of IBS 
  • Lower inflammation and promote gut healing
  • Support a healthy nervous system
  • Increase vitality

Electrolytes (minerals with an electric charge) play a key role in fluid balance, muscle function and nerve signalling in the gut. They regulate cell water movement, support digestive tract function, muscle contractions and enzyme secretion. Optimal electrolyte levels are crucial for a healthy gut and supporting a healthy gut microbiome and can help support constipation.


Happy Bum Hydrate also contains amino acid L-glutamine which supports intestinal health, gut lining repair and has been shown to assist with IBS and leaky gut.

L-glutamine can also help boost immune cell activity in the gut which can help prevent inflammation, infection and soothe intestinal tissue.

Happy Bum Hydrate - Electrolyte Blend

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