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Personal At Home Enema Kit


Happy Bum Bags are 2 litre premium silicon BPA free personal reusable enema kits. Each set comes with a carry bag, user guide, hanging hook and 3 replacement tips. Happy Bum Bags are the ultimate personal cleansing tool for detoxification. Made by the Happy Bum Co.


WHAT IS AN ENEMA?VERSATILE, NON TOXIC, COMPACT & EVER EFFECTIVEAn enema is a type of colon cleanse using liquid infused into the colon via your rectum. Enema's can be an amazing tool for detoxing and may have many different benefits.First and foremost, a 2 litre enema kit can help eliminate acute constipation from the lower bowel. When filled with purified water, held and then released in the toilet, a water enema is the perfect, non toxic and immediate solution for constipation. This can also help re-tone the colon muscles necessary for peristalsis. Happy Bum Bags are portable and therefore the perfect travel companion to help prevent constipation when you are away from home and out of routine. For those who suffer with lazy bowels, enemas may be performed whenever necessary or as advised by your health professional. They were standard medical practice prior to the introduction of pharmaceutical laxatives which although more convenient pose harmful side effects including dependency, irritation and laziness of the bowel.​If you're thinking about diving into the world of enemas, you've probably heard about coffee enemas! Coffee Enema's have gained popularity because of their believed incredible liver detoxification properties. Many of which has been tried and tested to be true. By absorbing coffee straight into the colon, by-passing the digestive system, organic coffee enemas can have many different benefits.Coffee enemas have been shown to help boost antioxidant levels, draw toxicity out of the liver, flush the colon and are believed to bind to free radical cells in the body which is why they may be recommended by Natural Health Practitioners as a part of alternative cancer therapies. Max Gerson, the founder of the Gerson Therapy provides much research and support for their claims. For more information on studies involving coffee and other types of enemas, please refer to our research tab (currently a work in progress).​Enemas may also be a useful tool during fasting as the body may require extra assistance in eliminating toxicity. Enema's can be a gentle and immediate way to relieve the bowel and have not been known to cause any dependency issues or harm.​To get started on your enema journey, order your Happy Bum Bag today!


For coffee enemas, try our line of Happy Bum Bean coffee enema grinds!

Happy Bum Bag

  • Returns within 30 days of purchase, unopened. Buyer pays return postage. Full refund for faulty product. 

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