• 100% waterproof anti-microbial acrylic toilet step
  • Fully transparent clear acrylic; it’s pretty much invisible
  • Easy to clean and hygienic
  • Non-slip silicone gel dots
  • 21.5cm-23.5cm (slanted) high
  • 38cm long x 16cm wide


How to use

Please only use your PROPPR® as a foot rest. Do not stand on it.

The PROPPR® toilet stool is designed to help you simulate the squatting position – because when you PROP (squat) the puborectalis muscle relaxes and your colon straightens, allowing for a quick, easy and complete release every time.  See more on why squatting (PROPPING) is really good for you and why two thirds of the world’s population do it

The PROPPR toilet Stool clear

  • Ultimate Fibre supports a healthy digestive tract and gives a thorough, gentle cleansing effect on the bowel.

    It also assists in healthy stool formation and prevention of diarrhoea, constipation and flatulence. Ultimate Fibre is a daily source of high quality organic soluble and insoluble fibre promoting healthy digestion, blood sugars, cholesterol and general wellbeing. It restores regular bowel transit time and aids elimination of waste, toxins and parasites.


    Health Benefits:

    Reduces constipation and has

    Rids the body of parasites 

    Reduces inflammation

    Improves digestive function

    Internal cleanse