Premium organic wholefood greens and superfood blend. Eden Healthfoods Superfoods provides a balanced combination of natures richest superfoods that can be quickly and easily absorbed into your system at a cellular level. 

Designed for maximum nutriention, Eden Healthfoods Superfood is a 100% organic wholefood source, naturally rich in bio-available vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential trace elements, without using man-made, synthetic, isolated vitamins and minerals, or flavours. Perfect as an energy boost or an afternoon pick-me-up. 



Mix 1 tablespoon (7g) 1-3 times a day in juice, smoothie or pure water in the morning or afternoon. follow this program for 3 days and feel the difference. If taking Eden Healthfoods Superfoods for the first time start with one teaspoon for the first week, the build up to the recommended serving size. 



Spirulina *highest plant form of protein (65%)

Cell Broken Chlorella *helps dexotify the body*

Alfalfa Grass *  rich in animo acids and minerals* 

Barley Grass * source of nutrition and alkalising* 

Wheat Grass* natural body cleanser*

Beetroot *great blood builder*

Rosehips*rich source of iron, calcium and vitamin K*

Kelp Seaweed* rich source of trace elements*

Peppermint Leaf * flavouring and digestion 

Green Stevia Leaf * regulates blood sugar* 


Super Food Nutrient Dense Greens