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The Cleanse & Heal Bundle is designed for those suffering with chronic disease and trying to boost immune function, lower inflammation levels, support detox pathways and liver function. Using the coffee enemas to help eliminate free radical cells, boost glutathione levels and clear toxicity from the body, and then Soothe Bulbs to help naturally support lowering of inflammation, encourage healing and soothing the body. This is a powerhouse combo for anyone with chronic disease.

This bundle comes with 2.5 months supply of daily coffee enemas, which is a part of Gerson Therapy natural cancer protocol. It also comes with the Soothe Turmeric Blend bulbs to promote healing and lower inflammation levels. 

Includes FREE Happy Bum Biotic to replace healthy gut bacteria to boost immune system, replenish the colon and start building a stronger gut microbiome post enema detox. 70% of your immune system lives in your gut bacteria! This can be mixed in with the Soothe blend for daily bulbs.

Cleanse & Heal Bundle

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